• Modalities for registration of groups

    Registration of groups concerns groups of at least 5 participants, belonging to either the category «General attendee» or «Young» (less than 35 years old).
    The correspondent of the group should perform the registration of the whole group. For the group «Young», the correspondent should have available a copy (pdf) of all the passports of the members in order to be able to justify the age of the members.
    A group of at least 5 persons is offered 1 free registration.
    How to register a group for ESOF2018 in 5 steps:
    1. The correspondent registers on the platform as “correspondent”.
    2. He (she) then registers the 5 (or more) participants one by one, indicating all required information for each of the participants.
    3. After having finished the registration of the last member of the group, the correspondent closes by clicking the button “close registration”.
    4. Within 72 hrs, the correspondent will receive a link by mail, giving a summary of all registrations as well as the modalities of payment.
    5. The participants of the group will receive individually all necessary information about the practical details of their participation.
  • Correspondent Identification

    • (including the country code and area code)

  • Accommodation

    Young accomodation
    If you wish to book an accommodation, please consult our accommodation offer in student residences and complete the pre-booking form online: https://www.esof.eu/en/attend/accommodation.html

    General attendee accomodation
    If you wish to book an accommodation, here are some possibilities: https://www.esof.eu/en/attend/accommodation.html
    Tel: +33 825 595 525 (€0,15/min)
     Prices starting from fixed line incumbent, a surcharge may be applied by operators, counting the second after the first 45 seconds.

    According to France's Personal Data Privacy Act in effect since June 2004, you may send a request in writing to INSIGHT OUTSIDE 39 chemin du vieux chêne, 38240 Meylan / France, or by email webmaster@insight-outside.fr to access your file in order to consult, modify and/or delete your personal information.

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